About Us

B W Nichol Electrical Limited is a union based electrical company operating out of Guelph Ontario since 1985. Our main focus is commercial and industrial installations and maintenance. We have installed many electrical services, some with secondary currents as large as 5000 amps. We believe that any installation, no matter the size, must be done with a high level of integrity as well as a very solid understanding of possible dangers to workers and others. Cutting corners is unacceptable. We have zero tolerance for unsafe work and poor installations. Our employees have all the necessary qualifications to work on any construction site. We pride ourselves in having highly skilled employees that have a thorough understanding of the systems they are installing and maintaining.

All of our employees have the following certifications:

  • Fall Arrest & Fall Protection
  • Forklift Certification
  • Arial Lift and Elevated Work Platform
  • Lock Out/Tag Out Training
  • Arc Flash Safety
  • First Aid and CPR

B W Nichol Electrical Ltd is part of the IBEW, this affords us many advantages. We have a very large membership and are able to increase our man power to suit any size of project and meet respective deadlines. This gives our company access to highly trained electricians, allowing us to complete any size project we desire.